Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stlylin' Sisters

Guess what? MORE CLOTHES!!

So, I've decided that I really love shopping. Especially for Sister Missionary Clothes. As a Sister Missionary it is of up-most importance to look appropriate and of the best standards. Nowadays, it can be hard to find appropriate, modest, AND fashionable clothing. But that is what I'm here for!!! Check out my new findings. :)

Friendly Reminder Top- DownEast Basics- On sale now for $20.00
Buy it here: http://downeastbasics.com/friendlyremindertop.aspx

Gift Wrapped Top- DownEast Basics- On sale now for $20.00
But it here: http://downeastbasics.com/giftwrappedtop.aspx

Yellow Hand Skirt- DownEast Basics- $36.99
Buy it here: http://downeastbasics.com/shorthandskirt.aspx

Pick A Posie Cardigan- DownEast Basics- $36.00
Buy it here: http://downeastbasics.com/pickaposycardi-2.aspx

Yuu™ Raven Casual Slip Ons
Raven Casual Slip Comfort Shoe- JCPenney- $42.00
Buy them here: http://www.jcpenney.com/dotcom/shoes/womens-shoes/comfort-shoes/cat.jump?id=cat100240062&deptId=dept20000018&pageSize=96

Yuu™ Genna Pleated Slip Ons
Genna Pleated Slip Ons- JCPenney- $32.00
Buy them here: http://www.jcpenney.com/dotcom/shoes/womens-shoes/comfort-shoes/cat.jump?id=cat100240062&deptId=dept20000018&Nao=96&pageSize=96&pN=2

For those of us who don't prefer to shop online, or who have difficulties finding the right size online, may I suggest my favorite places to shop that you can find in almost any town! Here is just a few suggestions. 

  • My #1 fave:  Kohl's
  • JC Penney
  • Maurice's
  • DownEast Basics
  • Macy's
  • TJ Maxx
  • Ross
  • Express

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Know Your Purpose

I just found this great PERFECT video on lds.org. It is an RM (Ashlee) being interviewed by a prospective sister missionary (Laura). She asks the perfect questions and the RM gives the perfect answeres. I love, love, love, love it! I am so sad that I can't get it show up, but here is the link:

Here are some of my favorite moments!

 Returned Missionary, Ashlee:
 "Growing up I always wanted to go foreign...when I got my call and was like, San Diego?! But then I said, okay why do you want to go on a mission? If you want to go see stuff, take a trip to Europe...but if you want to love the Lord and love his people and serve a mission, then serve a mission."

I love this. I think we should all take a step back and truly ask ourselves,

"Why do I want to serve a mission?"

"Missions are about inviting others to come to Christ. That's our purpose, and missions are incredible...but, they're hard. And the more that you can prepare for them beforehand, the better it is when you get there...it is not that I was a prefect Preach My Gospel missionary, but 
God makes up for where you lack."

Modest is Hottest

Modesty is of up-most importance, especially while serving the Lord. Modest clothing that you don't have to alter or purchase extra clothing for is hard to find these days. But not with

Bella Bird!

Bella Bird is a modest clothing line! And guess what? It can be found at Walmart in stores at certain locations and online. 

Here is the Link: http://www.walmart.com/tp/bella-bird/page/0

Here are some direct links to some of my favorite items perfect for the Mission Field! And they're almost all on sale

Bella Bird Women's Ruffle Neck Knit Dress

This dress is so cute! It comes in a light pink-coral and a light baby blue. It is light weight for the hot times, and can be layered for the cold. It is simple yet so fashionable! I love the back of it!
Buy it here: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Bella-Bird-Women-s-Ruffle-Neck-Knit-Dress/22018848
Bella Bird Women's Knit Maxi Skirt

Maxi dresses and skirts (floor length or almost floor length) are a must for missionaries on bicycles. They fit over the bike bar easier and don't fly up or move with your feet as you're pedaling. They are also nice for any missionary as they will keep your legs warm and they're oh so modest, great for crossing your legs.
Buy it here: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Bella-Bird-Women-s-Knit-Maxi-Skirt/22018809
Bella Bird Women's Ruffle Neck Knit Tee

Plain shirts are great for pairing with skirts. They can be layered, accessorized, and mix-matched. This cute shirt comes in green, blue, pink, and light pink. It has a cute ruffle on top to add some pizzazz while keeping comfort and simplicity. Guess what the best part is? They're only $8.00 for a limited time!
Buy it here: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Bella-Bird-Women-s-Ruffle-Neck-Knit-Tee/22018569

Bella Bird Women's Banded Waist Chiffon Skirt
You'll have to try this one on, or look at the measurements, becuase length may vary. I am on the shorter side, so this dress reaches below my knee. However depending on your height and dress size, length may vary. Take a look at the measurements on this one, it's worth it! It is a super comfy dress and I adore the quater lenth sleeve and the pleaded skirt with a band.
Buy it here: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Bella-Bird-Women-s-Banded-Waist-Chiffon-Skirt/21173691

I hope you like some of these or something on the web-site! I also just realized I totally had a pink theme going on here...don't worry if you don't like pink, they come in more colors! :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

I've received an abundance of certain questions about the mission process in general, so here is a list of frequently asked questions! 

  • What are the qualifications to serve? 
    • All Church-service missionaries must be worthy to hold a temple recommend and should have no minor children living at home. They must be physically, mentally, and emotionally able to fulfill the specific call and its related duties. Prospective missionaries must also provide their own transportation and financial support. Church-service missionaries are responsible for their own medical and dental needs, including eye-care and prescription-drug expenses.
  • How do members initiate a mission call?
    • Members become aware of Church-service missionary opportunities through a variety of sources, including priesthood leaders, this website, other members, or through local bulletins that are published in different areas around the Church. Information gained from any source should be confirmed through communication with the operation that is requesting missionaries or through local priesthood leaders.
    • Members should contact and discuss service opportunities with the contact listed in the posting. This allows potential missionaries and the operation manager to determine if there is a good fit. Members should prayerfully consider the assignment to determine if they should pursue the service opportunity.
    • If affirmed, members must complete a form entitled Recommendation for Part-Time Church-Service Missionary and give it to their bishop. This form may be printed from this website. Members should carefully complete each section of the recommendation form, including where they are going to serve, how many hours each week, when they are going to start, and how long of a mission they would like to serve.
What is the missionary calling process? 
    • Upon receiving the completed recommendation forms, the bishop certifies the worthiness of the member and concurs with the selected choice for service. He then signs the form and forwards it to the stake president.
    • The stake president interviews the candidate for worthiness and signs the recommendation form and forwards it to the local Church-service missionary coordinator's office for review, for entry into the database, and for authorization to extend the call.
    • The coordinator advises the stake president by letter when the processing is complete, and the stake president extends the call to the member. The stake president authorizes the bishop to set the new missionary apart.
    • Church-service missionaries should then contact the operation where they will be serving. They are supervised and trained under the direction of the operation in which they serve. The stake president and bishop remain the ecclesiastical leaders for the member.
  • How do I get started? 
    • Review the service opportunities on this website or any other source available.
    • Feel free to visit, ask questions about, and evaluate one or more service opportunities through the listed contact name and phone number. This allows you and the operation manager to determine if the assignment is a good fit. Prayerfully consider the assignment to determine if it is consistent with your time, ability, and health.
    • Carefully complete the recommendation form, indicating your choice or choices of places to serve and the dates and times of service you desire.
    • Meet with your bishop so that you can give him your completed recommendation form and be interviewed for worthiness to serve.
    • Meet with your stake president for a worthiness interview to serve a Church-service mission.

I sure hope these helped!!! 
These answers were found at lds.org

For more Frequently Asked Questions from others, check out this link, it has everything you need to know!  


Weekly Mission Calls

 “Perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.” —Alma 29:9.

It's Weekly Mission Call Time!

Congratulations to these Sisters who've received their Mission Calls!

Sister Shayna Wiser from Pleasant View, Utah has been called to serve in the McAllen, Texas Mission,  Spanish Speaking!

Sister Rachel Saunders from Harrisville, Utah has been called to serve in the Indianapolis, Indiana Mission!

Sister Baily Beckstrand from North Ogden, Utah has been called to serve in the McAllen, Texas Mission, Spanish Speaking!

Sister EmmaLee Waters from Boulder, Colorado has been called to serve in the Stockholm, Sweden Misison!

Sister Ariel Goldfine from Madison, Wisconsin has been called to serve in the Milan, Italy Mission!

Sister Paula Ybarra from St. George, Utah has been called serve in the Tacoma, Washington Mission!

Sister Caroline Sanchez from Mexico City has been called to serve in the Arequipa, Peru Mission! Speaking her native tongue, Spanish!

Congrats to these Sisters! If you have received your call, e-mail your name, where you are from, your call, and a picture if you will, to sistermissionariesoftheworld@hotmail.com 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Get in Touch with Us!

Get in Touch With Sister Missionaries of the World! 

Share your thoughts!

Have a question? Advice? Ideas? Tell us! Send in any concerns or thoughts you may have and we will get them addressed!

Send them here: sistermissionariesoftheworld@hotmail.com

We will be posting weekly mission calls on our page! Send in your mission call, your name, and where you are from! Let's see the mission field growing all over the world, especially those awesome Sister Missionaries  :)

Are you a returned missionary?
If you are willing to be interviewed, send in your name and contact information!

In Touch With the Spirit

I'd like to share with you an experience I had recently.

It was the week after finals and most of the Students had gone home for Christmas break...that wasn't my case. Work commitments required me to stay at school for the break instead of take the rest of the month off and visit home with family.
It was Sunday afternoon and I had the sudden idea to visit the Visitor's Center at the Temple. I had lived here for nearly four months and I hadn't been yet.
When I walked in, I was greeted by a Sister Missionary with a kind, warm smile  Her name was Sister Barber. She was from Ireland here serving in Utah. We chatted and she gave me a small tour of the center. She mentioned several times throughout the tour of a video that she really wanted to show me. She asked other Sisters if they had remembered the name of the video, for she could not. She led me into a small room with a TV and searched the menu for the video she felt so strongly I should see. I even heard her plead with the Savior for a brief moment, asking for help to find it. I could see she was getting discouraged. She finally said, "Well, I don't know where it is. But how about we just go ahead and watch one, they're all good."
She chose one at random and joined me on the chairs to watch the video.
As we watched, I broke into tears. I knew that this was the video the spirit wanted me to see. We shared experiences and thoughts of the gospel and both of our testimonies were strengthened.
I am so thankful that Sister Barber had the spirit with her and was able to get the prompting to show me that video. She knew and recognized the spirit and acted upon it. Her prayers and pleads for the Savior to guide her to the video were answered, but not in the way that she expected.
So many times in our missions, we will feel prompted by the spirit. We need to remember to follow it in what it tells us to do, because we won't always know the reason or the outcome it will have.
As it says on page 149 of Preach My Gospel, we must pray to teach the right people and teach the true doctrine.

May we all try to be obedient in the gospel and promptings of the holy ghost. Good things will always happen to the obedient and faithful.

Monday, January 14, 2013

7 Tips for Sister Missionaries

First of all, a great book to read is, "Sisters: A Modern Girl's Guide to Serving a Mission". It sums everything we need to know ever. Such a fun and helpful book.
Buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Sisters-Modern-Serving-Mission-ebook/dp/B007G02YQK

Melissa Dymock is a genuis when she summed up 7 Tips for Sister Missionaries. Check it out below.

The time between when a young woman decides to go on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to the day she enters the Missionary Training Center is filled with much to do. It can be difficult to determine what is necessary versus what can slide. Here are some things prospective sister missionaries should consider doing (as many wish they’d done) before entering the MTC.

1. It’s time to go shopping. If you’re leaving for a mission in the summer or spring, you might have a difficult time finding proper clothing for the full 18 months. A salesperson laughed at one sister when she asked the clerk where the long skirts were in June. You need to purchase a basic year-round wardrobe since you might not have access to clothing stores once out on the mission.

Pay attention to materials sent from the LDS Church's Missionary Department or mission president and his wife (or contact your mission president’s wife, if possible) about what to wear, as some standards can change from mission to mission. For instance, in one mission the sisters wore skirts just below the knee, but in another most of the sisters were on bikes and ankle-length skirts were easier to wrap around a bike bar.
Weather can also factor into what you need. Those nice business jackets and fitted skirts don’t come out often if you’re in the jungles of South America, but will be necessary if you’re at a visitor's center. For wherever you go, make sure you get a decent pair of comfortable dress walking shoes.

2. Buy church-approved music you like. Those two Especially for Youth CDs you got for your 14th birthday are going to grind on you after 18 months of nothing but. Do pay attention to music that has been approved for missionaries in your mission.

3. Research your mission. Talk to those who have gone there, read the information sent to you about your mission, contact your mission president (if possible) and learn about the local customs. A mission experience varies drastically from one mission to another and even from mission president to president.

4. Start an exercise routine. A Mormon mission is physically taxing and the more fit you are now, the easier the transition will be. Many sisters (and elders) spend the first few months of their mission in pain because they’re sore from going from Internet surfer to constant biker or walker.

5. Step up studying of your scriptures and other doctrine. A mission can be very spiritually fulfilling, but there needs to a very strong foundation for it. Every day people are going to be challenging your beliefs. You need to be strengthening your testimony because in the mission field it’s going to get torn down. Many skip this important step because they think that in a few months they will be studying nonstop so it doesn’t matter. But your testimony will come under fire, and if you’re not prepared it will be much like not exercising, you will be spiritually sore for a while.

6. Develop an after-your-mission plan so you don’t wallow when you come home. If you’re in school, talk to your professors and administrators to determine what you’ll need to do to get re-enrolled. (While on their missions, some sisters received special permission to go online and register for the semester after they came home.) Talk to your employer about your work options. Will you have a job when you get home?
If you’re going to be seeking employment or enrollment in different place, get the necessary recommendations and references in order before you leave, since a year and a half can make it more difficult for people to remember you.

7. Before you leave, do some of the things you love that you won’t be able to for the next 18 months. Maybe you love to travel, so take a weekend getaway before your mission. Or maybe you'd rather spend an evening reading your favorite book one last time before you leave. I went white-water rafting the weekend before I went into the MTC. My only warning is to keep it within reason, so it's not too difficult to walk away from and not something that will bring about unneccesary injuries.

Stylish Sisters

I just found this amazing website for sister missionary clothing. It is so fun and stylish, and still simple to mix-match. Check them out!!!

I love this Blue Skirt. It's comfy and durable. It also comes in black and all colors!

How cute is this blouse? It can be worn with any color, and a new pair of earrings will spice it up every time! It's also light-weight for the warmer days. And guess what? It is only $7!!!

This dress is absolutley adorable. It is longer than it looks as well. It reaches about an inch below the knee on an average height person. This is the back view.
Order it here: http://www.maurices.com/family/index.jsp?view=all&categoryId=3796186&cp=11804845

Lace Cap Sleeve Dress - maurices.com 

Shoes are the most important thing to invest in when missionary attire shopping. How cute are these shoes? They are durable and comfortable. They are made well so they will last the whole mission. They aren't a boring color, but can still be worn with anything!
Order them here: http://www.sistermissionaryclothes.com/9-shoes

Born Clever
 More ideas coming soon! Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sister Missionaries

Welcome to Sister Missionaries Around the World!

The goal of this page is to be a refernece for fun ideas, clothes, insipaation and connections for all of the Sister Missionaries in the World. Wether you are pondering a mission, waiting for a call, or home from a mission, ALL are welcome and encouraged to share experiences and advice!