Monday, January 14, 2013

Stylish Sisters

I just found this amazing website for sister missionary clothing. It is so fun and stylish, and still simple to mix-match. Check them out!!!

I love this Blue Skirt. It's comfy and durable. It also comes in black and all colors!

How cute is this blouse? It can be worn with any color, and a new pair of earrings will spice it up every time! It's also light-weight for the warmer days. And guess what? It is only $7!!!

This dress is absolutley adorable. It is longer than it looks as well. It reaches about an inch below the knee on an average height person. This is the back view.
Order it here:

Lace Cap Sleeve Dress - 

Shoes are the most important thing to invest in when missionary attire shopping. How cute are these shoes? They are durable and comfortable. They are made well so they will last the whole mission. They aren't a boring color, but can still be worn with anything!
Order them here:

Born Clever
 More ideas coming soon! Stay tuned.

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